Tactical Pistol Universal Gun Holster for Car, Couch and Mattress

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Looking for an affordable answer to being able to keep your firearm or protection at arms length, anywhere you go? This universal holster is the perfect solution! You'll never be unprepared for an emergency again, with this simple yet effective pistol/ammo holster!


UNIVERSAL: This bedside gun holster is made to be installed under all mattress beds,It can also be used on most office chairs, at your desk, under a table,couch,etc. The top grommet allows you to hang inside the closet or mount it on wall as a hanging holster. As a vehicle seat holster, its compatible with most cars, trucks, vans.


ADJUSTABLE:Infinitely adjustable with Velcro flap,Easily adjusts to various frames: compact, sub-compact, or full-size hardware securely.I t also has extra pockets to fit ammo, flashlight, OC spray, knife, medication or anything you need to grab quickly when an emergency comes out.


DURABLE: Nicely made with high quality durable nylon and leather,sturdy construction.it can be used for years.


ANTI-SLIP: The flat part between the mattress and box spring has plenty of length and width, and 3 anti-slip friction material strips on top and bottom, to keep from sliding out.


SIZE: 16inch x 6inch (40cm x 15cm)

WEIGHT: 235g


Package Content:

1 x Holster

NOTE: Due to increased popularity, expect delivery times between (1-3) weeks on this item.


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