Stainless Steel Multifunctional Grappling Gravity Hook

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If you're not familiar with gravity hooks or the need of one, be thankful... You've never found yourself in an extreme situation with the need of an extremely specific survival tool.

However, the last thing you want is to find yourself in a situation where you need a gravity OR grappling hook without having one in your pack!

This is by far the highest quality gravity hook you'll find for the price. Alone its a great deal, but this specific gravity hook also double as a grappling hook!

We have a limited supply in right now so act fast! If the product is "Out of Stock" Please check back as we are constantly updating our inventory.


  • Material- Stainless steel with magnetic hook. Video reference on Youtube, search "gravity hook" for more information.
  • Strong Bearing- Can hold weight up to 350kg (experimental data)*.
  • Strong Magnetic Force- Permanent magnetic hook can hold up 25kg (experimental data)*.
  • Small & Light- Small and compact with folding claws, very easy to carry and use, weighs about 330g, but the rope is not included. Please make sure that your rope is tight and strong enough, tighten the screw before using it.
  • Versatile- For outdoor activities, outdoors survival training, outdoor adventures. Used for disaster relief. Climbing tree, anchoring, fishing, rescue vehicle traction, grapple falling objects, etc.


Don't know how it works or how to use? Search "gravity hook" on youtube and watch the videos first before you decide to order. It will take only 2-3 minutes.

This high quality and durable grappling hook can be used in outdoor activities and wilderness survival and adventure activities. It is one of the essential equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. Please make sure that your rope is tight and strong enough because it comes without rope.

The hook claw reaches the highest level of hardness by using the oil quenching process and hence provides extreme operating reliability. The claws can expand and collapse and it makes the hook very easy to carry.

Package includes:

1 x gravity hook (Unassembled)

1 x magnetic part

2 x rubber band


✔️  The magnet is a separated part, you could use it with the gravity hook or use alone such as sticking the small and light iron things under the table ,bed or wardrobe when you can't reach them.

✔️ About the rubber bands, they are used to clamp the hook in place when used as a whole grappling hook. When you pick things up, you do not need to use the rubber bands.

✔️ After the rubber bands are broken or lost, it will still function as a claw, you could use other string or elastic bands to clamp the hook in place.

✔️ The package comes without rope, not suitable for climbing mountain. Please make sure that the rope is tight and strong enough, tighten the screw before using it to climb tree, fishing, rescue vehicle traction, grapple falling objects, etc.

*The experimental data is the result under ideal conditions, the data also depends on the rope, the pull direction. There might be deviation during the practical use of this gravity hook.

 Due to increased popularity, expect 1-3 weeks for delivery

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