M65 Military Field Jacket

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Details and Specs

Product History

The M-65 field coat was first issued to the U.S. Armed Services in 1965 as a replacement for the M-51 field coat. The M-65 was engineered as the culmination of field coat design, pulling from the technological developments of the M-43 and M-51 field coats used in WWII and Korea. The M-65 incorporated an oversize design and  bi-swing back to provide more room for soldiers to carry everything from personal items to extra ammunition. The M-65 uses a covered zipper and snap front closure drawing from the M-51 that allowed soldiers to crawl on their stomachs without the jacket pulling open or snagging on obstacles. Over the years the M-65 has included new features, including a roll-up hood and a Velcro cuff designed to extend out and cover or attach to gloves.

Product Details - Wind Resistant, Waterproof, Breathable 

Sleeve: Adjustable Cuffs

Collar: Hooded, Folding Storage Hood

Hem: Split Zipper & Magnet Pasted Design

Zipper: Two-Way Zipper With Storm Flap and Velcro 

Lining: Breathing Grid, Headphone Cable Hole

Pocket: Double pockets, Large Capacity Pockets


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