Heavy Duty Outdoor Survival Pocket Saw

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This heavy duty pocket chainsaw is a must have tool for survivalist and avid outdoorsmen

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Details and Specs

This heavy duty pocket saw is a must have for any survivalist or avid outdoorsman When your in the wilderness, a proper and substantial fire source can quickly become the difference between life and death. Gathering the right wood for your camp can be difficult or almost impossible depending on your tools at hand, your location and the conditions.

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With this pocket-sized portable chainsaw, you'll never find yourself searching for dry, handy limbs laying around. You won't need to burn up those important calories chopping trees or weigh down your pack with a heavy hatchet. When used properly this heavy duty pocket chainsaw performs almost as well as the real thing at a fraction of the weight and size. Don't be fooled by knock offs and cheap versions of this life saving tool. The last thing you want is to be in a situation that calls for a pocket saw only to break it as soon as you get to pulling. 

This heavy duty version includes carbon steel teeth and oversized anti-slip handles which aid the performance of this little beast. 

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Blade length 48cm/18.90"

Total Length: 100cm/39.37"

Quantity: 1Pc