5 Shell Elastic Butt Stock Ammo Sleeve

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Details and Specs

Keep your ammo close and secure with our 5 Shell Elastic Butt Stock Ammo Sleeve. The stretchy material allows it to fit most any shotgun stock and the pre-sewn pouches are suitable for 12 gauge or 20 gauge ammo. Never waste time looking through your tactical packs for ammo again with this convenient and durable ammo sleeve. 



  • Suited for 12 Guage & 20 Guage ammo,or anything that size.
  • The shotshell holster is designed for quick reloading of your weapon.
  • Elastic fabric material almost any shotgun stock.
  • Can hold 5 shells at once.


  • Size: 15cm (length) x 9.0cm(width)
  • Weight:25g
  • Color:Black

Package Content:

1 x Shotgun Stock Shell