100% Cotton Shemagh Tactical Scarf

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Details and Specs

This shemagh tactical scarf is made of 100% cotton with excellent performance that won't shrink, fade, or deform. Our shemagh's breathable fast-drying fabric will keep you warm in colder weather while still keeping you cool in hotter climates. Purpose built to shield your head and neck from the scorching sun, sand, snow and strong wind.

They are lightweight and packable. Perfect for hunting, shooting, hiking, camping, survivalists or even as a fashion accessory.

Pro Tip: 15 Survival Uses for a Shemagh Tactical Scarf

      1. Protection from the sun - By keeping your head and face covered, you can prevent a potentially dangerous sunburn.
      2. Lower your body temperature - By wetting the scarf before wrapping it around your head and neck, you can keep yourself cool when temperatures soar.
      3. Keep you warm - Wear it under a hood or a hat, or use it to protect your face from frigid temperatures and chilly winds.
      4. Protection from dust, sand and wind - Even if dust and sand are not an issue, it can also secure you from other flying particles as well as insects.
      5. Water Collection - With a few sticks or twigs the a shemagh can be fashioned into an improvised water collector.
      6. Primitive Pillow - Roll it up into a ball or stuff it with grass or leaves.
      7. Travel Bag - When folded correctly it can be used as a bag to carry essential tools, supplies, or foraged food. Just tie the corners together and carry items in the middle. (think Huck Finn's bag on a pole)
      8. Survival Towel- No matter whether you’re washing a pot or cleaning off a wound, you can use this scarf to keep you or your belongings dry.
      9. Temporary Bandage - In an emergency situation it can be used to keep small wounds clean and protected from the elements.
      10. Tourniquet - When properly tied, a shemagh can serve as a tourniquet to prevent wounds from bleeding out until you find medical attention or a first aid kit.
      11. Temporary Sling - Rest your arm in the middle of the shemagh and tie both ends either around your neck or over you shoulder.
      12. Emergency Water Filter - fold multiple times to create thick cotton filter to remove debris from your water source. Just make sure you boil the water before cooking or drinking it
      13. Comfortable Foot Wrap - If you loose a sock or injure you foot, this can be used as a wrap to protect your feet.
      14. Makeshift Pot Holder - Fold a couple times to handle hot pans or pots when cooking at a fire.
      15. Survival Blanket - While one shemagh may not be able to cover your entire body. It can still be used to keep your lower or upper torso warm at night. If you have multiple shemaghs, you can tie them together to create a full size blanket.



- Dimensions: 43” x 43”

- 4 different colors available: Coyote Brown, Army Green, Tan, White.

- Care Instructions: Hand wash cold, dry quickly.

Standard Shipping: Expect 1-3 weeks for delivery (2-5 days processing)