Heavy Duty Multifunctional Survival Shovel

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One of the handiest single tools you can possibly own. 

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Details and Specs

This 15-in-1 survival shovel is the ultimate tool for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, working in snow and almost any other outdoor activity or situation. Its main functions include everything from shoveling, digging, cutting, sawing, exploring, starting a fire, opening a can or bottle, and it can even function as an emergency whistle. Keep one in your glovebox and another as a staple to your camping packs & bug-out kits. The adjustable size makes this one of the handiest single tools you can possibly own. 

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Handle Material: Aluminum Alloy
Shovel Material: 3CR13 stainless steel
Surface Treatment: Special Oxidation Treatment
Color: Black, Golden
Total Length: 74cm (30") / Length of Handle: 57.5cm (22") / Length of Shovel: 16.5cm (6.5") / Width of Shovel: 13.0cm (5")
Thickness of Shovel: 0.26cm  (0.10")
Design For:Exploring, Camping, Traveling, Hiking, Driving, Survival & Emergency Tools

Package Content 
1 x Shovel 
1 x Scale Knife 
1 x Spade Sheath 
1 x Magnesium Fire Starter with Compass 
1 x Screwdriver 
3 x Extension Bar 
1 x Anti-skid Handle 
1 x Carrying Pouch with Strap

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